Master Of Ascendancy Volume 2

by Sol Evil



This release marks the second of three volumes that comprise the entirety of the "Master of Ascendancy" album. A conceptual album which chronicles Mörder's experiences leading up to and through his incarceration and release, this album shall take SOL EVIL further into a new musical style and expression. "Master of Ascendancy" is the next chapter in the legacy of SOL EVIL and Mörder. "The emotion, the passion inherent in the music that is 'Master of Ascendancy' is a look into my soul."


released July 31, 2015

Recorded, mixed, mastered and produced by Mörder at Beyond Death Studios
All music, arrangements, lyrics and instruments written and performed by Mörder.
Cover design, concept and art by Lord and Lady Mörder.



all rights reserved


Sol Evil Riverside, California

SOL EVIL has been, since its inception, the vessel through which founding member Lord Mörder channels the sinister.

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Track Name: None Return
Burn their churches to the ground
Destroy their faith in the lie
Open fire on their houses of God
Annihilate the weaklings who've chosen to die

With this sacred blade I sever my own skin
In our oath of valor
Satan rises again

No remorse, pity is for the weak
No surrender, victory we seek

Brothers bound in honour
We are united in our cause

We go to war standing side by side
We fight as one
Onward we ride

And then the rains came
As we were deceived and led astray
Thunder of deception
So blinding I can't see the way

All traitor will die
Gutted like a pig
And melting of flesh
With a shattered skull
Coward confess

No remorse, pity is for the weak
No surrender, victory we seek
Betrayer, will you never learn
From the depths of despair
None shall return
Track Name: Misery
Enslaved in chains now in this dungeon hell
Inaugurate this pain the ire of their kind

Torture of my will, this blistering pain
In the labyrinth of my mind, am I insane
Mocked by these fools who should be put to death
A nightmare inside me as I take my last breath

Scorned by hatred unending
In the shadows of my mind the fires are ascending
Mocked by the masses for the truth I find
The lie of the divine enslaves all mankind

Ripped souls and bleeding hearts
Existence gone, life torn apart

Madness rages all around
Worse than death, my screams make no sound

In the dark, my life has escaped me
With every breath, longing to be free

Smash their idols into the black void
Hack them to pieces with a thousand swords

Hear me as I speak from the grave
Bleed me, break me, I will come again

I will arise from the ashes and
Murder your God and I spit on his grave
You can't stop me for I am the way

Misery my friend in this darkness
Comfort me in the midst of my anguish
Track Name: Master Of Ascendancy
All around me I see the weakness of men
Feeble victims, vitality they can't comprehend

I harness the hatred
My desire to win in the end
Almighty am I
A master of men

I sever all ties with the hordes of the weak
I smash my enemies, they turn the other cheek

I harness the hatred
My desire to win in the end
Almighty am I
A master of men

The stench of their cowardice
Disgusts me
I rise above the depths
I embrace the suffering
It strengthens me
I transcend their weakness

I dominate the weak with strength from within
Satanic splendour I command once again

With abhorrence I conquer the divine lie
I rule with vigour, the weak they die
Track Name: My Son (bonus)
I see you
Hold my hand
Step by step
And beyond the sun
My son

Over hills
And overcome
Dry your eyes
And never cry
My son

I hold you
Lift you up
Watch you fly
You can do anything
My son

Aris, my precious
Bathed in light
Eclipse the Dark
My heart is with you
My son

My little Prince
Born from love
Ride the wind
And transcend the sun
My son