Master of Ascendancy - Volume 3

by Sol Evil



This release marks the final volume that comprises the entirety of the "Master of Ascendancy" album. A conceptual album which chronicles Mörder's experiences leading up to and through his incarceration and release, this album shall take SOL EVIL further into a new musical style and expression. "Master of Ascendancy" is the next chapter in the legacy of SOL EVIL and Mörder. "The emotion, the passion inherent in the music that is 'Master of Ascendancy' is a look into my soul."


released April 24, 2016

Recorded, mixed, mastered and produced by Mörder at Beyond Death Studios
All music, arrangements, lyrics and instruments written and performed by Mörder, except "My Lover's Embrace" for which lyrics were written by Lady Mörder.
Cover design, concept and art by Lord and Lady Mörder.



all rights reserved


Sol Evil Riverside, California

SOL EVIL has been, since its inception, the vessel through which founding member Lord Mörder channels the sinister.

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Track Name: Seeker Of Truth
I return from never, now I am whole
I burn inside with flames of hate
Do you know how near is the end?

I watch as they laugh and play
It makes me smile
How will their sweet voices sound
As they scream in pain?

Bound gagged and beaten
Ecstasy in their screams
Now you will live
The most horrific of your dreams

Abducted just like your children
You really want to know why?
As I smash in your rib cage
Giver of justice am I

As I burn off their skin
You shiver in fear
Tied and gagged in the darkness
Their screams are all you can hear

The screams of your children
Echoing through the night
The smell of their burned flesh
I laugh as you scream in fright

You hear as they beg for mercy
There's nothing that you can do
I gag them with their own intestines
As their blood sprays all over you

Force fed each one of their organs
Have you yet lost the will to live?
For you life has new meaning
Torture to you I give

Your body stretched over the flames
As your skin pops and peels away
Death is a long time in coming
Never again will you see the light of day
Track Name: Echo Of My Soul
These seas of pain bind me
All things done in vain
As I watch the sun set
I'm not the same, untimely
Open these veins again
As I watch the world burn

Stench of my wounds
Rotting from inside
This darkness so cold
Echo of my soul
These dreams of mine
Capture me whole

Each time I close my eyes
I feel you in me
I fill the holes inside
When you touch me

As I watch the world fall
I see your face
I forsake it all
It scars me

I break away
And I lose myself
But you stayed
And saved me as well

I saw you there
Standing naked against the Sun
Defy the light just to find me
Burnt soul, spilled blood
Echo of a time
In your body
I plant my seed

Together 'til the end of time
You always were the one
I'll mix your ashes with mine
As we fade with the sun
Track Name: My Lover's Embrace
When you were take away
My world crumbled, shattered my lover's embrace I craved
The world denied, I remember lonely nights
Drunken haze

Destiny had turned
I sought to understand
To be embraced

I was deceived when unguarded and weak
Oh please, how long must I bleed?
Bury everything deep
Oh please, my heart aches

Now I see the truth
Reclaim who I once was
Buried deep inside
After years of self blame

You found me
Opened my eyes
You define love
Love me for who I am
Never afraid with you

In your arms I learned how to be held
In your arms the pain is lifted
In your arms I've always found serenity
In your arms forever safe

No more pain
The emptiness filled
In my lover's embrace
The warmth it brings

In your arms, sweet embrace
In your arms I find the warmth
In your arms is where I cease to breathe
In your arms, my soul forever with yours